Hetalia Axis Powers on DVD 9 14 10 - The World Conference! - Episode Clip02:01

Hetalia Axis Powers on DVD 9 14 10 - The World Conference! - Episode Clip



A bunch of shades of the beautiful color Blue.

1. Ethan H. was born in 2002

2. Ethan H.'s favorite food is spaghetti!

3. Ethan H. once won a costume contest on accident!

4. Ethan H. hates the word "bae".


Guinea Pigs are adorable. :3


Yummy. C:


America from the wonderful show Hetalia!

5. Ethan H. once almost fell off a roller coaster.

6. Ethan H. loves anime!

7. Ethan H. 's least favorite class is math.

8. Ethan H. is afraid of cyborgs!

9. Ethan H. has broken both his arm and his pinky.

10. Ethan H. 's favorite color is blue!

11. Ethan H. 's favorite genre of music is EDM.

12. Ethan H. goes to Sacred Heart.

13. Ethan H. 's list of pets consist of 2 fish, 1 bird, and 5 guinea pigs.

14. Ethan H. is socially awkward!

15. Ethan H. is annoying!

16. Ethan H. has a weird right earlobe.

17. Ethan H. likes PS over Xbox.

18. Ethan H. is 13.

19. Ethan H. has meet Tom Brady.

20. Ethan H. wants to go to medical school! :D

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